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The founder of StiD Conseil, Radu MIHAIL, is a telecom engineer turned professional manager and entrepreneur. Franco-Romanian, he also enjoyed living and working in the US, Italy, the UK and leading activities involving global teams.


He had the chance to be always implicated in the development of organisations researching, conceiving and launching new products and services. From leading a start-up in an emerging market to structuring the innovation and product launch activity in a multi billion euros group, his diverse experiences covered mainly three industries - health/physical training, telecoms and energy. Three major global companies, at the time leaders of their respective domains (France Telecom/Orange, Motorola and CGG), helped him discover and enjoy the corporate world in various instances.

He remains connected to the research and academia environments, through the HEC Paris EMBA program (as advisor for participants) and via the network of RIST Group with which StiD Conseil collaborates.


One of the things that makes him tick is the possibility to make a difference in society by stimulating the development of small, innovative, truly humane enterprises. Whether independent or « intrapreneur » initiatives in larger structures, these are, in Radu’s perception, a significant source of solid, sane, responsible evolution of today’s world.


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