About Radu's work

"Ensuring the bridge between our Marketing and Technology organizations, Radu pushed for the adoption of a structured and deterministic new solution launch mechanism to help reduce the time to market especially for our disruptive innovations, facilitating our business and technology strategy execution. I appreciated his drive in structuring the CTO organization or integrating the R&D resources after our Fugro acquisition but most of all the fact that I had a trustworthy companion in leading our transformation program."

Thierry Brizard

"Radu has moved forward the industry-level strategic analysis activity in CGG, and pursued helping the company adopt internal processes and practices on par with the high-tech industry he came from. 
A strong promoter of the integration of Marketing and R&D efforts, he incited the introduction of end to end product and portfolio management."

Raoul Jacquand

"After 15 years of running the business together, for me and my partners it was hard to see how an outsider could bring any value or improvement to our way of working. And still, with Radu we built up mutual trust pretty fast and were able to integrate his interventions in our management practice, getting to structure and execute better our development plan. He can be pushy at times, but this keeps us alert and focused."

Andrea Caffaz

CEO - Graal Tech

"Radu has been a key actor in reshaping the HR activity in the group after the merger between CGG and Veritas and after the subsequent acquisitions.

He contributed to the definition of the HR strategy and I relied on him and his organization for the follow through of its implementation - clarifying the headcount, structuring the job referential, implementing the reference processes for talent development and performance management, building the needed scorecard mechanism.

A solid participant in the decision making within CGG Group's HR Steering Committee , he brought candid and useful insights and proposals for the development of our activity. All in all, a high quality trusted advisor with key impact."

Pascal Rosset

"Without the drive for simplicity and clarity and without the sense of urgency that Radu instilled in us, we would have never prepared well and fast enough our concrete offer for timely first contractual discussions with clients. And his periodic questioning of our intentions helps us get our priorities right faster."

Gilles Ricordel

CEO - SmartViser

"KLAF’s fast growth needed to be well harnessed so we brought Radu in to make sure we design more precisely the future for the company and that we implement the right processes to reach it. We got what we expected - a perspective very different from ours and complementary. With his partner they also covered specific marketing, finance and people aspects we were not equipped to handle in an efficient way with our resources at the time."

Adrain Bedreaga

CEO - Klaf

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